Doctor Who Blue Moon Short Story Part Four

By Mark
Following on from the first, second and third parts which were published earlier this week, the fourth and final part of Blue Moon has today been uploaded onto the BBC's official Doctor Who website. Blue Moon is a short story which has been written by Oli Smith to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the Apollo Moon landing and it sees The Doctor caught up in the events leading up to the landing on the moon. The story has been split up into four separate parts and you can view the first part here. The second part of story can be viewed here and the third part can be found here. You can view the fourth part which was uploaded onto the website today, the exact date that the Apollo Moon landing occurred forty years ago in 1969, here. As well as uploading this story, the BBC's official Doctor Who website have also taken a look at some of the Moon's appearances in Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures and more details about that can be viewed here.

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