New Doctor Who Animated Series Confirmed

By Mark
It has recently been revealed and confirmed that a new animated series of Doctor Who is currently being made. The series will be titled 'Dreamland' and it will be written by Phil Ford and directed by Gary Russell. There will be a total of seven episodes in the series and each episode will have an approximate running time of six minutes which means that the story will have a total running time of forty two minutes. In the series, David Tennant will voice the character of The Doctor, Georgia Moffett will voice a character called Cassie Rice, Lisa Bowerman will voice her well known character Bernice Summerfield and David Warner will also voice a character whose name is at the moment unknown. The series is expected to air this Autumn and it will transmit on BBC One as part of the channel's CBBC segment. Dreamland will be the second new series Doctor Who animated adventure to be made and it will follow on from The Infinite Quest which was broadcast in weekly parts on CBBC's 'Totally Doctor Who' programme a few years ago. The Infinite Quest is currently available for purchase on DVD and more details about Dreamland will be posted here on this site as soon as they become publicly available.

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  1. a64 25 May 2009 at 19:33
  2. Mark 26 May 2009 at 15:18
    Yeah, Bernice Summerfield. She's a well known character in many novels, comic strips, Big Finish audio dramas and actually has her own set of adventures. Lisa Bowerman is the voice actress of Bernice and I was lucky enough to meet her at Who at the Fab Cafe earlier this year. I can't wait for this animated series. :)

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