Filming Completed For This Year's Remaining Specials

By Mark
Filming for this year's remaining three special episodes of Doctor Who has now been completed which means that at this moment in time, David Tennant has now filmed his last scene as the 10th Doctor and Russell T Davies has finished making script amendments for his last episode of Doctor Who. During post production, changes may however be made and new scenes might have to be shot to coincide with any errors that may have occurred during filming. As with any programme, Russell may one day return to Doctor Who to write a new episode in the future and David Tennant always has the possibility of returning for a multi-doctor story, charity sketch or he may even play a minor character in a future episode. There's also the possibility of the human Doctor, who was last seen at Bad Wolf Bay in the parallel world, returning so it's not out of the question that either of them may return one day to play their roles once again. I'd like to take this time to thank both David Tennant and Russell T Davies for their consistent hard work over the past few years and would also like to wish them the best for the future. The next three special episodes of Doctor Who will air later this year and more information about all three of them will be posted here on this site as soon as it becomes publicly available.

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