Doctor Who Battles In Time #70

By Mark
The final issue of Doctor Who Battles in Time, issue number seventy, was released today and it is now on sale in all good newsagents across the United Kingdom and Ireland at the price of £2.50. As well as taking a look at David Tennant's portrayal of the 10th Doctor, the issue also features much more including the contents that are specified in the list below;
  • Monsters: Feel the Fear!
  • Donna Noble VS Rose Tyler
  • FAQ: Who is...The Tenth Doctor?
  • Monsters' Ball
  • Comic Strip: The End
  • In the Beginning
  • The Ultimate Evil
This issue comes with a free packet of Devastator cards and a free packet of Ultimate Monster cards. GE Fabbri, the publishers of this magazine, have no more plans to publish any further issues of Doctor Who Battles in Time at the moment and are currently releasing issues of their new magazine, the Doctor Who DVD files, every fortnight. You can visit the official Battles in Time website here. Will you be buying a copy of this magazine's final issue?

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  1. Anonymous 14 May 2009 at 05:07
    I'll be buying this final issue as I was able to subscribe to it since issue one....which is more than can be said of their DVD files: Three times I have tried to subscribe to DVD files and do you think I've had any response? None. Absolutely none! Poor, VERY poor customer service from GE Fabbri.

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