Michelle Ryan's Upcoming TV Appearances

By Mark
Michelle Ryan, who will play Lady Christina De Souza in this Saturday's special episode of Doctor Who, will be a guest on this afternoon's edition of Blue Peter as well as today's edition of the Paul O'Grady show. On both shows, she will be interviewed and is likely to talk about; how she found working on Doctor Who, what there is to look forward to in Planet of the Dead, future projects in which she will be involved and much more. This afternoon's edition of Blue Peter will broadcast at 4:35pm on BBC One whereas today's edition of the Paul O'Grady show will transmit on channel four at 5pm. Melanie Sykes will be filling in for Paul O'Grady today while he is off and John Barrowman appeared on yesterday's edition of the programme which was hosted by Dawn French. If you missed John's interview on yesterday's Paul O'Grady show then don't worry as you can view it online here. Will you be watching Michelle on either of these shows when they air later today?

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