Doctor Who Adventures - Scariest Monster Results

By Mark
In a recent poll conducted by Doctor Who Adventures magazine, the Weeping Angels were named the scariest Doctor Who monsters to have appeared on screen. They received a massive forty one percent of the poll's vote which asked readers which monster they found the scariest and the Daleks came in second place with twenty two percent of the vote. The Cybermen followed in third place with eight percent of the vote and Doctor Who Adventures also carried out a poll asking readers which their favourite incarnation of the Doctor was. David Tennant's portrayal as the 10th Doctor came in first place with a massive eighty six percent of the vote and you can view more information about that poll here in a previous post. BBC Magazines have revealed both of these poll's top ten results and you can view them in the comment section of the post.

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  1. Mark 10 April 2009 at 20:05
    Here are the top ten results for each of the polls as promised;

    Scariest Monster Poll
    1. Weeping Angels
    2. Daleks
    3. Cybermen
    4. Clockwork Droids
    5. Scarecrows
    6. Vashta Nerada
    7. The Empty Child
    8. Ood
    =9. Cybershade
    =9. Sontarans

    Favourite Doctor
    1. David Tennant
    2. Christopher Eccleston
    3. Tom Baker
    4. Jon Pertwee
    5. Peter Davison
    6. Sylvester McCoy
    7. Patrick Troughton
    8. William Hartnell
    9. Colin Baker
    10. Paul McGann

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