Latest Doctor Who Special Rumours

By Mark
According to various sources, the final of this year's Doctor Who specials will see The Doctor once again come face to face with The Master. The reports then go on to say that The Doctor will be re-united with his companions; Rose, Martha and Donna for the episodes and they also claim that The Master will again be portrayed by John Simm. An insider who apparently works at the BBC is quoted as saying;

“This will be the most exciting episode Doctor Who have ever done. We really wanted to get all the companions back on board as a fitting send-off to David and of all the enemies for him to face in his final episode it makes sense for The Master to be the main one. Getting Billie Piper to agree is a real coup, but fortunately she loved working on the show so much that it didn’t take much convincing.”

It should be noted however that there has been no official confirmation stating that this is true so at the moment these are only rumours. They may turn out to be true or may turn out to be false so at the moment it's best that they are taken with a pinch of salt. You can view The Sun's article about these rumours here and more information will be posted here on this site if and when it becomes available. What do you think about these latest rumours?

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  1. Brad 21 March 2009 at 21:15
    I don't want Rose, Martha and Donna to return. Not yet anyway. I hope the Master does though!

    The Gallifrey Vortex
  2. Collin Kelley 21 March 2009 at 23:31
    Definitely excited that Catherine Tate might be coming back. I'm sure there's a thought about "clearing the deck" so to speak to make way for the new Doctor and his companion (still hoping it's Hannah Murray!). I hope in the future we'll still see Sarah Jane and Captain Jack cross over, but I think it's time to send Martha and Rose off with a good fan fair until it's time for another big "Five Doctors" type special.
  3. Zobles 23 March 2009 at 00:20
    I think its way to soon to have an episode with everyone coming back so soon after Journeys End, I dont mind the Master and Donna returning though.

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