New Eve Myles and Euros Lyn Interviews

By Mark
New interviews with both Eve Myles, the actress who plays Gwen Cooper in Torchwood, and Euros Lyn, the director of many Doctor Who and Torchwood episodes, have recently been published on FEARNet's official website. In the interviews, Eve and Euros both talk about the upcoming third series of Torchwood, Children of Earth, and also discuss whether or not they were interested in science fiction before they started working on Doctor Who and Torchwood. As well as taking part in these interviews, Eve and Euros also recently attended the New York Comic Con where they did an official talk about and promoted Torchwood's third series. Both of these new interviews can be found here and it was recently announced that Euros will be directing David Tennant's final two episodes of Doctor Who. What do you think of these new Torchwood interviews?

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