High Definition Doctor Who Specials

By Mark
The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine, issue 405, has confirmed that this year's special episodes of Doctor Who will be both filmed and available in High Definition. Planet of the Dead, the first of the specials, will be the first episode of Doctor Who to have ever been filmed in HD and Danielle Nagler, the head of BBC HD, is quoted as saying;

"I'm delighted that the Doctor Who specials are going to be shot in HD. The programme team has consistently tried to push at television boundaries, and to raise the quality for our audiences, and I'm glad we've been able to work with them to do so again."

Planet of the Dead will be directed by James Strong who has previously worked on High Definition shows such as Torchwood and Hustle. We also know that Graeme Harper will directing the second special this year and Euros Lyn will be directing the final two specials. As with it's past two series, the upcoming third series of Torchwood will also be available in High Definition. The series was filmed in HD and you can view it's first official trailer here.

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