Torchwood Children of Earth Preview Coming Soon

By Mark
The BBC have recently confirmed that the first official preview of Torchwood series three, a five part series entitled Children of Earth, will be shown at this year's New York Comic Con. Eve Myles, who plays Gwen Cooper in Torchwood, and director Euros Lyn will be in attendance of the convention and both of them will also be hosting a special panel about the show. You can visit the convention's official website here and view a press release about the showing of this preview clip here. The BBC have also confirmed today that the preview will be available on the official Torchwood website as soon as it is released. If all goes to plan, it should hopefully then be available to view here on this site shortly afterwards. Are you looking forward to this Torchwood series three preview?

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  1. Alex 27 January 2009 at 21:11
    Cool I Wish I Could Go But I Would Just Leave After The Torchwood Bit.
    The Whovian Site
  2. I am Jamie Sue! 28 January 2009 at 01:26
    If you are outside the UK you will not be able to use for rights reasons.

    How sad they make me. :(
  3. a64 28 January 2009 at 17:36
    Uhh... when IS the comic con?
  4. Ennio 28 January 2009 at 17:58
    Rights reasons...tzk!

    I live in Italy and like Jamie Sue can't see a damn...

    What they fear? Piracy?
  5. who2009 28 January 2009 at 18:42
    follow my please mark!!!!!
  6. Mark 28 January 2009 at 20:11
    Hiya thanks for your comments everyone and welcome to the site Alex, I am Jamie Sue, Ennio and Who2009 :) Don't worry everyone, I'm sure there will be no problems and it is very likely I'll be able to get the preview up on here. It will be able to be viewed wherever you are in the world too :D Oh and the convention is on between the 6th and 8th of February a64 (its on for more than one day). Details can be found on the convention's official website (which is linked in the post) and I've followed now who2009 :)
  7. Daniel 28 January 2009 at 21:19
    oooo awesome post, please do put it up on site :)
    im very excited and outside the uk.

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