Lily Allen, Series Five Companion?

By Mark
Various sources have recently been reporting articles suggesting that Lily Allen, famous singer and songwriter, is in the line up of becoming The Doctor's companion for Doctor Who series five. It should be noted however that these are only rumours at the moment and are best taken with a pinch of salt as they may or may not prove to be true. One source reporting this news is Wales Online and you can view their article by following this link here. Rachel Stevens and Kelly Brook are also favourites to play the role of The Doctor's companion. Doctor Who series five will air in 2010 and see the newly regenerated Doctor played by Matt Smith. In the meantime, we still have four special episodes of Doctor Who to look forward to this year and the fantastic David Tennant will be playing The Doctor in all of them. Would you like Lily Allen to play The Doctor's companion in Doctor Who series five when it airs on TV sometime next year?

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  1. a64 7 January 2009 at 20:14
    Lily Allen being in Doctor Who? That's like saying if Kylie was in it!

    Umm.. :P
  2. Anonymous 7 January 2009 at 21:27
    NO WAY!!! PLZ she isnt a actress she is a singer. I know Billie Piper was a singer but she was nice and good but lily allen is just annoying!!!
  3. kabuki 7 January 2009 at 21:36
    If you read about her views about drugs, I don´t think she´s suitable for a family program in the BBC.

    Besides, she is too young for the young doctor Matt Smith.
    I´d prefer a companion like Donna or even older.
  4. Collin Kelley 7 January 2009 at 23:53
  5. Brad 8 January 2009 at 16:24
    Please not Lilly Allen.
  6. Anonymous 8 January 2009 at 16:41
    i think she would be good but i think a older companion should be with the new young doctor.I think she would be good with D.T
  7. Andrew Glazebrook 11 January 2009 at 02:24
    I hope Lily steps no where near the Tardis !!!

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