The Darksmith Legacy Books Released

By Mark
The first two novels in the new Darksmith Legacy range of Doctor Who books were released yesterday and they are now on sale at an RRP of £4.99 each. Both stories are published by BBC Children's Books and each novel contains exactly one hundred and twenty eight pages inside. The first story, The Dust of the Ages, is written by Justin Richards whereas the second story, The Graves of Mordane, is written by Colin Brake. You can view more information about both of these novels along with more information and the covers for all future stories here on the official website for The Darksmith Legacy. The third novel in this series of books will be The Colour of Darkness and it will be written by Richard Dungworth. It will be released next month on the twenty sixth of February and future books in the Darksmith Legacy set will then continue to be released on a monthly basis. Will you be buying any of these new Doctor Who science fiction novels?

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  1. Mark 30 January 2009 at 23:06
    (Please note that the icon in this post was made by me and may be used elsewhere online if credit is given where due, thanks in advance)

    I managed to get both of these books today and sent off for a slipcase too. More information about the slipcases will be posted sometime tomorrow :D

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