Character Options Renew Their Doctor Who Contract

By Mark
Character Options have recently renewed their contract with the BBC and are now licensed to produce Doctor Who merchandise throughout the whole of this year and the whole of next year, 2010. They recently revealed that they will be releasing merchandise of the 11th Doctor next year and are currently designing a new style of packaging. A quote made by Neil Ross Russell about Matt Smith's casting can be viewed below;

"We're thrilled about the announcement of Matt Smith as the new Doctor not least because of the opportunities it gives our creative team and licensees. Doctor Who is a long term priority for us as a commercial business and with Matt on board, we will be looking to develop a new style guide with fresh creative elements."

This year will see the release of many new Doctor Who products including; John Smith's Journal of Impossible Things, Captain Jack's Vortex Manipulator and River Song's Future Sonic Screwdriver. Character Options also have plans to release a collect and build Vespiform from The Unicorn and the Wasp and a new wave of Cyberman figures. You can view more information about the gadgets here and read more about the Cyberman figure wave here.


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  1. Mark 10 January 2009 at 15:51
    For anyone who doesn't know, Neil Ross Russell is the managing director of BBC Worldwide Children's and Licensing :D

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