BBC Doctor Who Advent Calendar Day Seventeen

By Mark
Today is the seventeenth of December and door seventeen is therefore now available to open on the BBC's official Doctor Who advent calendar. Behind the door is news that the site's exclusive comic maker feature has relaunched again and is now accessable to anyone and everyone including those outside the United Kingdom. A new feature which allows you to easily print out your comic strips has also been added and you can visit the comic maker section of the BBC's official site here.

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  1. Deak 18 December 2008 at 09:55
    Oh how wonderful! It's rare that I can do anything on the BBC's official site here in America because of those region restrictions.

    About the new Darksmith Legacy books- are they meant to be somewhat of a novel or more like those 'easy-to-read' children's books?

    Love this blog, I check it everyday. :)

    x Deak
  2. Zobles 20 December 2008 at 16:58
    Good to hear Comic Maker isnt UK only now.

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