John Barrowman Female First Interview

By Mark
A new interview with John Barrowman has recently been posted online. The interview is from Female First magazine and in the interview John talks about; Torchwood series three, his character Captain Jack, his forthcoming new album and much more. A quote from the interview about Torchwood series three can be viewed below;

You are obviously best known as Captain Jack Harkness what can we expect from the new series of Torchwood?
Here’s my official answer Torchwood will come back bigger and better and it will be a five part mini series over one week, so every night you will get a cliffhanger, hopefully airing in the spring and summer. There will be new faces, you will learn a lot more about Captain Jack’s past, his dark past, you will also learn a lot more about Gwen, there will also be some deaths but a lot of action and excitement.

You can view the full interview here on Female First's official webiste. John's new album is called "Music, Music, Music" and will be released on Monday. The first single from the album was released last Monday and is called What About Us. The music video for this single can be viewed here in a previous post. What do you think of the interview?

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  1. a64 19 November 2008 at 20:38
    Oh, lovely! Cliffhangers! :D
  2. Zobles 21 November 2008 at 14:10
    This interview is great!

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