The Mark of the Berserker Part Two Synopsis

By Mark
The BBC have now released the synopsis for The Mark of the Berserker part two, the eighth episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures series two. Gary Beadle plays Paul Langer, Clyde's father, in the episode and the synopsis can be viewed below;

Luke and Rani enlist the help of Clyde's mum to help track down Clyde and his father, who has the alien pendant, as the children's drama series, produced by Russell T Davies, continues. The chase leads to a terrifying waterside confrontation, as the pendant takes control of Paul and begins transforming him.

No synopsis was released for the first part of this story but we'll let you know if and when one is. The Mark of the Berserker will premiere on the CBBC channel on the tenth of November and then be repeated a week later on BBC One. What do you think of the synopsis?

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  1. Zobles 24 October 2008 at 20:30
    Great post, this episode sounds fantastic, I love SJA.

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