Doctor Who Battles In Time #52

By Mark
The 52nd issue of Doctor Who Battles in Time was released this week and is now on sale in all good newsagents across the United Kingdom at the price of £2.50. The issue comes with a free packet of Invader/Ultimate Monsters cards and takes a look at Davros and the Daleks. A list of contents for the issue can be viewed below;
  • Davros: Dalek Creator
  • Episode Guide: The Unicorn and the Wasp
  • Peck vs Red Eye Ood
  • Comic strip: Lair of the Zenith
  • Inspecting Gadgets
  • Plus lots more

The next issue, issue 53, will come free with some Devastator cards and go on sale in twelve days time. A special issue of Doctor Who Battles in Time will also be released on the sixteenth of September and come free with four packs of Devastator cards, you can read more about that here in a previous post.


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  1. Zobles 5 September 2008 at 18:09
    Great post, I got my copy on Wednesday and its great, and just to point out, the Devastator special comes out on the 17th not 16th. Great site :D
  2. Anonymous 6 September 2008 at 11:44
    i got both this months issues and the special yesterday. They are all great.
  3. laura 6 September 2008 at 15:51
    I'm still subbed to this for some reason lol.
    In the 3 packs of cards i got 3 Tenth Doctor ones! lol amazing!
    I got him aged 100 years, armed with a water psitol and with jenny lol
    Cool post btw

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