Doctor Who Adventures #83

By Mark
The 83rd issue of Doctor Who Adventures was released yesterday and is now on sale in all good newsagents across the United Kingdom at the price of £2.10. This week's issue includes a preview of The Last Sontaran and comes free with a Sonic Screwdriver pen and Tardis note set. Here are the details that BBC Magazines have kindly sent to us;

Sarah Jane returns

The Doctor’s former companion returns to CBBC on Monday for the next action-packed series of The Sarah Jane Adventures. To celebrate, this week’s Doctor Who Adventures has a sneak preview of the first episode – The Last Sontaran. There’s also a fact file on schoolgirl turned alien investigator Maria Jackson and a Sontaran mask for readers to wear. Sontar-ha!

We also look ahead to Christmas when an old enemy will stomp back on to our screens. What do the Cybermen want this time? And how will the Doctor cope on his own without Donna by his side?

This week’s issue has got two brand-new features. In Blast from the Past we journey back in time to the former Doctors’ adventures. This week it’s City of Death and the moment the Count turns into the yucky Scaroth. Also, Action Replay puts some of the scariest moments from Doctor Who under the microscope.

The issue comes with a free sonic pen and Tardis sticky notes.

• Three posters! The Weeping Angels, Luke and Commander Kaagh, and Jenny and the Doctor.
• Fact file: The Hooverville heroes.
• Ultimate Companions: Part three of K-9’s guide to team Tardis.
• Activity: Cut out and wear the Sontaran helmet.
• Comic strip: The Alice in Wonderland Circuit.

• Rel Race: Complete all the puzzles in 300 Dalek Rels to avoid extermination!
• Woven wordsearch: Solve the puzzle and you could win a copy of Doctor Who – Shining Darkness.
• Win: Doctor Who DVDs and a Wii up for grabs!
• Subscription offer: Subscribe and you’ll get free Doctor Who files on the Doctor and the Tardis.
• All this and lots more!

Doctor Who Adventures issue 83, priced £2.10, is out now! You’d better hurry. Chances are that Sontaran hasn’t come in peace!

I got my copy of this issue yesterday, if you want your copy make sure you buy it before next Thursday when the next issue of Doctor Who Adventures, issue 84, will be released. Doctor Who Adventures #84 will come free with a psychic wallet and invisible ink pen. Will you be buying the eighty third issue of Doctor Who Adventures?

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  1. Zobles 26 September 2008 at 19:46
    I got this on Thurs and its reall good.

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