Doctor Who Adventures #82

By Mark
The 82nd issue of Doctor Who Adventures was released yesterday and is now on sale in all good newsagents across the United Kingdom at the price of £2.10. This week's issue takes a look at some of The Doctor's most dangerous moments and comes free with a double sided poster, some monster postcards and a selection of stickers. Here are the details that BBC Magazines have kindly sent to us;

This week’s issue of Doctor Who Adventures is a brilliant bumper gift pack!

Along with an exciting issue, readers will get loads of goodies!

The gift pack includes a fantastic double-sided poster of the Doctor and Rose on one side and a mean-looking Davros on the other (perfect for bedroom walls), a set of four monster postcards featuring four of the scariest creatures in the universe and a massive set of stickers!

Inside the magazine, you’ll find a top ten of the Doctor’s most dangerous moments plus loads of essential facts about your favourite Time Lord. You’ll also find a special eight-page guide to prepare you for the new series of The Sarah Jane Adventures. Also in this issue:

• Three posters! The Doctor, Sarah Jane and friends and the Moxx of Balhoon.
• Ultimate Companions: Part two of our continuing series.
• Game: Play Yana’s cool memory game.
• Tales from the TARDIS: Donna runs into Rose Tyler.
• Comic strip: The Doctor needs Donna’s help!
• Time Teasers: Know your Nodes and Weapon watch!
• Woven word whirl: Solve the puzzle and you could win a Doctor Who – The Ghosts of India audio book.
• Win: Doctor Who DVDs and dragon books up for grabs!
• Subscription offer: Subscribe and you’ll get a FREE Doctor Who TARDIS and Doctor Files.
• All this and lots more!

Doctor Who Adventures issue 82, priced £2.50, is out now! Packed with fun, scares and monsters! Pick up your copy today!

I got my copy of this issue on Wednesday, if you want your copy make sure you buy it before next Thursday when the next issue of Doctor Who Adventures, issue 83, will be released. Doctor Who Adventures #83 will come free with a Sonic Screwdriver pen and Tardis note set. Will you be buying the eighty second issue of Doctor Who Adventures?

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  1. Zobles 19 September 2008 at 21:08
    I got Doctor Who Adventures this week and I think its great, I love the SJA pullout and the free gifts.
  2. Axlart 20 September 2008 at 14:53
    Cool Post. Not pleased with this cover, but its better then last weeks cover. Love the monster postcards though. I got my copy on Thursday. Great Preview of SJA series two included aswell.
  3. Anonymous 21 September 2008 at 13:29
    i love this issue last weeks issue was boring but this is good comics a bit wierd

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