Collectormania 14 (Milton Keynes)

By Mark
Stars from both the new series and classic series of Doctor Who will be attending Collectormania 14 in Milton Keynes this weekend. Ryan Sampson, Danny Webb and Francios Pandolfo are just three of the many guests you will have a chance to meet and greet. There will also be a chance to get autographs signed and the full list of Doctor Who guests attending can be seen below;

Attending all three days: Ricco Ross

Saturday Only: Danny Webb and Jamie Foreman

Sunday Only: Ryan Sampson, Francios Pandolfo, Ruari Mears and Frances White

The convention started yesterday and the only guest in attendance from Doctor Who was Ricco Ross who will also be signing over the next two days. More information about this convention can be found on it's official website here. Will you be attending this convention? If so and you would like your photos published on this site then please don't hesitate to contact me here. Full photo credit will be given, thanks in advance.

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    Cool I would love to attend this
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