Two Doctor Who Specials Set In America?

By Mark
The picture above was made by me.
According to an article in the News of the World, two of next year's Doctor Who specials will be set and filmed in America. Apparently The Doctor, as played by David Tennant, will also be joined by an Amercian assistant for these episodes. None of this is confirmed and at this moment in time these are just rumours. They may prove to be true or may prove to be false and you can read more about them here.

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  1. Zobles 29 August 2008 at 16:01
    I hope two specials will be in USA cos its getting stupid the way everything happens in London. Cool image.
  2. Axlart 29 August 2008 at 18:39
    Cool Image. I doubt that any part of that Article to do with America is truthful. Mainly because it looks like the Doctor will have a Companion for each special instead of having one for more then One Special. Plus to many Sci Fi shows tend to film in the US meaning that you most likely have to only watch one and know your way around the US. Doctor Who being set in Britain is what in my opinion gives it the kind of Sci Fi status it has and which should retain.
  3. Anonymous 29 August 2008 at 20:19
    This News is a little late
  4. Mark 29 August 2008 at 21:47
    Yeah sorry about that anonymous, check this post out;
    and you'll understand why. Sorry.
  5. drwhomad 30 August 2008 at 07:09
    I don't believe this.
    Check out my new posts
    Cheers :)

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