Steven Moffat's Childhood Dream

By Mark
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Steven Moffat has revealed that he turned down a £500,000 movie deal with Steven Spielberg, a famous Hollywood director, in order to work on the fifth series of Doctor Who. He told the Daily Mail why he chose Doctor Who before Hollywood;

"I know a lot of people won't understand it but I've been dreaming about writing for Doctor Who since I was seven," he told the newspaper. "There are no bad feelings between Spielberg and me, but Doctor Who has to come before Hollywood. The show has enjoyed a renaissance and I am working on scripts to be filmed next year. Russell T Davies is doing four specials next and then my shows will begin. The show is all-consuming."

Steven completed the first of the Tintin films in the deal but unfortunately had no time to complete the second one due the US writer's strike. The first of the Tintin films will be based on Steven's script and more details about this can be found here. What do you think of this news?
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  1. Axlart 21 July 2008 at 19:51
    Cool Post. Steve is a great writer. Glad he chose Who over Holloywood. Cant wait for his series in 2010. Hopefully he will write one of the specials.
  2. Zobles 21 July 2008 at 20:06
    Cool post and picture, woo go Steven pickin Doctor Who over Hollywood!
  3. BradKibbler 22 July 2008 at 11:25
    I would pick dr who over hollywood. Nice pic!
  4. laura 22 July 2008 at 20:18
    Woop go Moffat for choosing Who over Hollywood lol
    Cool pic

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