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By Mark
The picture above was made by me.
In a recent interview with Sky, Freema Agyeman hinted at the possiblility of her character Martha Jones returning to Torchwood. In the interview she talks about the Doctor Who series 4 finale, Torchwood, what she has planned for the future and much more. Here in an extract from the interview;

Will you be joining Torchwood?
It's a possibility as well. I think when the character left at the end of episode eight the door was left ajar, so she could definitely move in that direction.

Have they asked?
They might have. Who knows? You'll know after 13! I've become a real master of keeping secrets, there's always something that you mustn't say.

The full interview with Freema can be found here on Sky's official site. On the subject of interviews, BBC News are giving you the oppurtunity to ask Russell T Davies anything as the fourth series of Doctor Who comes to an end. You can submit your questions online on the BBC News website here. What do you think of the interview?
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  1. Gaz 3 July 2008 at 17:02
    Nice interview.

    I would like her to join Torchwood. I haven't seen any of her episodes from series two but I like the character of Martha.

    P.S.: The picture's cool too!
  2. Zobles 3 July 2008 at 18:44
    Great post and pic, hopefully freema will be in torchwood and more who.
  3. Laura 3 July 2008 at 19:47
    Oh that's cool
    I hope she is in TW she's great
  4. Axlart 3 July 2008 at 20:34
    Cool Picture. Freema is such a great person and has been great in both Who and Torchwood. Best companion of new who (after Donna) in my opinion.

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