Soundtrack Release For Torchwood

By Mark
The picture above was made by me.
The sixth issue of Torchwood Magazine reveals that a Torchwood soundtrack is in the making. Set for release later this year, the CD will feature some of Ben Foster's incidental music which featured in series one and two of the show. The soundtrack will be released by Silva Screens who have also released two soundtracks for Doctor Who. In other news, it has been officially confirmed that there will be a third series of Torchwood. The series will consist of 5 episodes and will air over 5 consecutive nights on BBC One. Peter Bennett will be the show's new producer, you can read more about the series' confirmation here. Will you be buying the Torchwood soundtrack when it's released later this year?
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  1. Zobles 18 June 2008 at 19:54
    Brilliant Picture and Cool finally a Torchwood sound track. I LOVE the music from Torchwood. I will definitley be buying the soundtrack when its released. :D
  2. Daniel R. P. 18 June 2008 at 20:00
    Cool pic great post sounds very gd
  3. Axlart 18 June 2008 at 20:03
    Cool Picture. Good to hear about a TW Soundtrack. Hope the Theme from the Fight scene in Dead Man Walking is in Included. Dont know if I will buy it at this point in time.
  4. Vassilator 18 June 2008 at 20:20
    Fantastic! I was wondering when they would be bringing one out! Definitely getting!
  5. Anonymous 19 June 2008 at 15:18
    Great! I've been waiting for a TW soudtrack for ages. Still unsure about the 5 ep format. It means that there will be a shorter series. Instead of 13 weeks it's gonna be 5 days. The new cast members quote looks interesting though!
  6. thedoctorwho07 21 June 2008 at 10:43
    Fantastic! I'm definitely getting this soundtrack when it's released! Does anyone know when it is released?
  7. TE 25 July 2008 at 16:47
    There are 32 tracks on the album which is released September 22nd and features a majority of Series 2 tracks with some Series 1 and the Torchwood theme.

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