Doctor Who Turn Left Tonight

By Mark
The picture above was made by me.
The eleventh episode of Doctor Who Series 4, Turn Left, will air tonight at 6:40pm on BBC One. Tonight's episode sees the anticipated return of Rose Tyler, The Doctor's companion in series one and two. Doctor Who Confidential will follow, airing at 7:30pm on BBC Three. Here is tonight's Doctor Who schedule;

Doctor Who "Turn Left" - 6:40pm - BBC One
Doctor Who Confidential (Here Come The Girls) - 7:30pm - BBC Three

Turn Left is written by Russell T Davies and various clips from the episode can be found on this site. In other news you can watch part 1 of a behind the scenes interview with Billie Piper here, the second part will be uploaded onto the official Doctor Who website after Turn Left has aired.
Will you be watching Doctor Who tonight?
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  1. Bradkibbler 21 June 2008 at 14:51
    I can't wait for tonights ep.
  2. Axlart 21 June 2008 at 15:53
    Cool Picture. Turn Left looks great. Strange to see how everything will fall into the Time Line with The Doctor dieing. Cant wait, not long now.
  3. Collin 21 June 2008 at 16:06
    I'm nearly giddy with anticipation!
  4. Zobles 21 June 2008 at 17:16
    Great Post, Ace pic, and the banner. NICE!! Woo only minutes to go til Turn Left :D Keep up the good work ;)
  5. Vassilator 21 June 2008 at 17:25
    Ahhhhh, only 15 mins!!!
  6. Mark 21 June 2008 at 19:39
    Wow that just has to be my favourite episode so far, I absolutely loved it. Next week's looks fantastic too, the Doctor Who, Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures universe all combine, great! :D Congratulations and well done to everyone involved for making such a fantastic episode.
  7. Collin 22 June 2008 at 00:42
    One of the greatest episodes EVER...old and new series. Maybe THE best, although I think next week's just might top it. I was squealing like a little girl when "Bad Wolf" returned and the Cloister Bell rung at the end of the episode.
  8. crmhpfan 22 June 2008 at 02:13
    I can't wait for Stolen Earth now!

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