Doctor Who Novels (December 2008)

By Mark
BBC Books have now released the covers and details for three upcoming Doctor Who novels which are set for release in December. The three books; Beautiful Chaos, The Eyeless and The Story Of Martha will all go on sale at an RRP of £6.99. The synopses and covers for each of the books can be seen below;

Beautiful Chaos by Gary Russell
Donna Noble is back home in London, catching up with her family and generally giving them all the gossip about her journeys. Her grandfather is especially overjoyed – he’s discovered a new star and had it named after him. He takes the Doctor, as his special guest, to the naming ceremony. But the Doctor is suspicious about some of the other changes he can see in Earth’s heavens. Particularly that bright star, right there. No not that one, that one, there, on the left…The world’s population is slowly being converted to a new path, a new way of thinking. Something is coming to Earth, an ancient force from the Dark Times. Something powerful, angry, and all-consuming..

The Eyeless by Lance Parkin
At the heart of the ruined city of Arcopolis is the Fortress. It's a brutal structure placed here by one of the sides in a devastating intergalactic war that's long ended. Fifteen years ago, the entire population of the planet was killed in an instant by the weapon housed deep in the heart of the Fortress. Now only the ghosts remain.The Doctor arrives, and determines to fight his way past the Fortress's automatic defences and put the weapon beyond use. But he soon discovers he's not the only person in Arcopolis. What is the true nature of the weapon? Is the planet really haunted? Who are the Eyeless? And what will happen if they get to the weapon before the Doctor?The Doctor has a fight on his hands. And this time he's all on his own.

The Story of Martha by Dan Abnett
For a year, while the Master ruled over Earth, Martha Jones travelled the world telling people stories about the Doctor. She told people of how the Doctor has saved them before, and how he will save them again. This is that story. It tells of Martha’s travels from her arrival on Earth as the Toclafane attacked and decimated the population through to her return to Britain to face the Master. It tells how she spread the word and told people about the Doctor. The story of how she survived that terrible year. But it’s more than that. This is also a collection of the stories she tells – the stories of adventures she had with the Doctor that we haven’t heard about before. The stories that inspired and saved the world...

Each book will be 256 pages long and all three of them will be released on the 26th December this year. In other news The Daily Mirror are giving away some free Doctor Who stickers every day this week. The offer started yesterday and will end on Friday. Will you be buying these books?
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  1. Gaz 8 June 2008 at 11:03
    I probably will buy them, but BBC Books has really messed this all up.

    I used to like it hwne they had series one, then series two, then series three, but now they're muddling up series three with series four in the same wave.

    Cool post, anyway.
  2. Zobles 8 June 2008 at 11:36
    Cool Post I think the Story of Martha will be good.
  3. Daniel R. P. 8 June 2008 at 12:29
    Awesome post the covers are brilliant!!!
    I will probably try and get some of them anyway.
  4. Axlart 8 June 2008 at 12:32
    Great Covers! I think the Story of Martha is going to be excellent. It will be really good to read what Martha put up with during the Year that never was. Im guessing that The Eyeless will take place between Voyage of the Damned and Partners in Crime (Because Journey's End will most likely end on a Cliffhanger). Great to see Wilf in a Book. He is the best Family Member of all Familys in New Who (In my Opinion).
  5. Bad Wolf 8 June 2008 at 16:24
    these are some brill covers i espcially like the sound of the story of martha it looks great
  6. Collin 8 June 2008 at 16:50
    I think The Story of Martha is a must read. That's the story we've all really been wanting. I'll be buying that one for sure.
  7. spamgarage 8 June 2008 at 17:43
    Any word on whether David will be doing the audiobooks on these? I generally buy the audiobooks that he reads. He does an incredible job reading them!
  8. Mark 8 June 2008 at 18:44
    No news yet spamgarage but I will let you no when or if there is ;)

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