Doctor Who Series 4 Ratings Roundup

By Mark
The picture above was made by me.
The overnight ratings for last night's episode of Doctor Who, The Doctor's Daughter, have now been revealed. With an audience share of 38.4%, the episode was viewed by 6.6 million people. These figures are likely to increase when the official ratings are released in 10 days. Since we last posted about Doctor Who Series 4's episode ratings the official viewing figures for The Sontaran Stratagem and the overnight ratings for The Poison Sky have been revealed. The Sontaran Stratagem was watched by 7.06 million viewers and The Poison Sky's overnight ratings are 5.9 million. Again, the viewing figures for The Poison Sky and The Doctor's Daughter are likely to increase.
What do you think of the viewing figures?
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  1. Bad Wolf 11 May 2008 at 20:08
    awesum i loved this ep and i hope it did wel in the final figures
  2. Daniel 11 May 2008 at 20:08
    Cool post, Doctor Who did ok even though the episodes where brilliant.
  3. Robit 12 May 2008 at 14:33
    Cool Post And nice picture mark i loved this episode jenny Was Brilliant

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