Tennant and Tate on Jonathan Ross

By Mark
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Both David Tennant and Catherine Tate will be guests on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross on the 4th April. On the show they are likely to be talking about Doctor Who Series 4 and hopefully a clip from an upcoming episode will be shown. David has been on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross before, he was previously on it on Friday 23rd December 2005, just before The Christmas Invasion aired for the first time. Catherine has also appeared on the show, she was a guest on Friday 23rd December 2005.
In other news David will also be appearing on a radio show in April, he will be a guest on The Colin Murray Show on Monday 14th April 2008 on BBC Radio 1. Even though David's birthday isn't until the 18th April you've only got until Thursday to send David a birthday message which will be compiled into a birthday book and sent to David himself, you can find out more here. Finally a full list of Torchwood's upcoming TV schedule including the change to a Friday slot can be found here. Will you be watching Catherine and David on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross?
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  1. Bad Wolf 18 March 2008 at 21:04
    awesume cant wait see this

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