Something Borrowed From Out Of The Rain

By Mark
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Episodes nine and ten of Torchwood Series 2 will air tonight. Something Borrowed, previously shown on BBC3 last week, will air on BBC2 at 9pm whereas From Out Of The Rain will air for the first time publicly tonight on BBC3 at 9:50pm. Here are tonight and tomorrow’s Torchwood schedules;

Wednesday 12th March
Torchwood “Something Borrowed” – BBC2 – 9pm
Torchwood “From Out Of The Rain” – BBC3 – 9:50pm

Thursday 13th March
Torchwood “Something Borrowed” (Pre-watershed) – BBC2 – 7pm
Torchwood Declassified (Something Borrowed) – BBC2 - 7:50pm

Seeing as I watched Something Borrowed last week on BBC3 I can guarantee you it’s a great episode, it’s one of my favourite episodes so far. I can’t wait to watch “From Out Of The Rain”, written by Peter J Hammond who previously wrote “Small Worlds”, it looks great. When will you be watching Torchwood?
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  1. Bad Wolf 12 March 2008 at 20:50
    awesum cant wait for these eps. the 2nd looks chilling and the 1st was brill
  2. Collin 12 March 2008 at 22:34
    I've seen Something Borrowed and I have to admit it was fun, but not one of my favorite episodes. There seemed to be some kind of disconnect about Gwen being pregnant -- alien or not -- and how that relates to her "real" life and her work with Torchwood. I think the writer missed the boat on exploring some angst and went for a more lighthearted approach.

    Also, am I the only one who finds Gwen's secret love for Jack a bit forced? I can see her banging Owen because he's the type you'd shag a few times out of boredom and feel guilty about it later, but the thing with Jack is just weird.

    And, is Owen just going to stay dead? With his broken fingers, sliced open hand and bullet wound that never heals? They really should resolve this pronto.

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