John'd Do Anything (Upcoming Appearances)

By Mark
The picture above was made by me.
John Barrowman is a very busy man this month, with two book signings planned (one of which is happening today), many guest appearances on TV such as on Hotel Babylon and being a Judge on “I’d Do Anything” on the look out for the next Oliver and Nancy. Here is a list of John’s upcoming TV appearances; there will be reminders on the actual day for the shows too;

I’d Do Anything – BBC1 – 15th March till the 31st May (Every Saturday)
Hotel Babylon – BBC1 – 25th March – 9pm
The Paul O’Grady Show – Channel 4 - 4th April – 5pm

John is signing his autobiography in Glasgow today and will be signing his book in Edinburgh tomorrow. To see the full information about these signings click here. It’s great news to see that John is doing more book signings and hopefully, if he has time, he will come to Manchester to sign his book at a later date. Will you be watching John tonight at 7:30pm on “I’d Do Anything”?
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