Doctor Who Series 4 Update

By Mark
Today two things have been confirmed about the fourth series of Doctor Who, one is that Doctor Who Series 4 will start sometime this April and the other is that episode 8 is called Silence In The Library. Also the BBC have now released two new promotional images of The Doctor and Donna in the Tardis. To see the new images click here.
In other news Doctor Who Adventures Issue #54 and Doctor Who Magazine #393 were released today and Doctor Who Battles In Time #39 and the Doctor Who Battles In Time Ultimate Monsters Special issue were released yesterday. These magazines should be available in good newsagents around the UK now. In case you didn’t know Ultimate Monsters are the new set of Battles In Time Cards and feature both classic and new Doctor Who characters, you can visit the official Ultimate Monsters site here. Finally some behind the scenes images from Doctor Who Series 4 which contain major spoilers have appeared online here. What do you think of the new Doctor Who Series 4 promotional images?
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  1. Bad Wolf 6 March 2008 at 22:05
    nice the pics r cool. even though u used them pics sum1 informed me about

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