Torchwood "Reset" Synopsis

By Mark
The BBC Press Office have now released the synopsis for the sixth episode of Torchwood Series 2, "Reset". In this episode the Torchwood team will be joined by former companion of The Doctor, Martha Jones. Here is the synopsis;

Captain Jack calls in Martha Jones to investigate mysterious deaths, as Doctor Who writer Russell T Davies's award-winning drama continues. When the trail leads to a sinister medical-testing centre, Martha must go undercover. But has Torchwood underestimated how far the testing centre will go to find medical breakthroughs? And how safe are the members of Torchwood?

According to the Radio Times website "Reset" will be shown a week earlier than expected for digital viewers of the show. Apparently it will be shown on the 13th February at 9:50pm on BBC3, straight after "Adam" airs on BBC2. For non digital viewers "Reset" will be shown a week after "Adam" on the 20th February on BBC2.
What do you think of the synopsis for "Reset"?
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  1. Bad Wolf 1 February 2008 at 17:01
    nice cant wait for this but i think its stupid to have it a week earlier for that week only and then just go back to normal
  2. Collin 1 February 2008 at 18:30
    This is the episode I've been waiting for! The return of Martha Jones!
  3. Anonymous 13 February 2008 at 22:53
    what the??? owen can't be dead! that's totally blindsided me! what the hell!

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