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By Mark
Phil Collinson, producer of Doctor Who, has now announced his plans for the future and unfortunately he will be leaving Doctor Who after he finishes production on Doctor Who Series 4. Phil might be leaving Doctor Who but he will become the "Head Of Drama" for BBC Manchester this spring. Here is the BBC Doctor Who Site have to say;

On our Doctor Who Christmas Podcast, series producer Phil Collinson suggested that he would be leaving Doctor Who after finishing production on Series 4. We can now confirm that he'll be moving to BBC Manchester to be Head of Drama for the region. Phil will be responsible for developing links with regional talent (both on and off-screen), and contributing shows to the overall BBC drama production schedule. As producer of four series of Doctor Who, Collinson has seen the drama collect a raft of accolades, including the top viewed drama of 2007.

"Phil has been the secret hero of Doctor Who for the past four years, and we'll miss him more than I can say," noted Russell T Davies, executive producer and lead writer of Doctor Who. "But the most exciting thing about this new job is that so many more producers, writers and actors will get to work with him. I envy them."

"The four years I've spent producing Doctor Who in Cardiff have been incredibly rewarding," said Phil. "The chance to return home to Manchester though and start something completely new, is irresistible. Manchester has always been an amazing centre for excellence in drama production and the chance to establish a formal BBC drama base there, and build on the massive range of local talent, is incredibly exciting. I'm thrilled and honoured to be charged with this task."

Peter Salmon, chief creative officer for the BBC's Vision Productions noted: "Phil Collinson is a terrific addition to a brilliant top team working on in-house drama throughout the UK. BBC drama production will play a substantial role at the new BBC centre at Mediacity:uk through Phil and his team."
Phil will take on his new position this spring, after finishing work on the current series of Doctor Who.

Phil has been a great producer for Doctor Who and the show wouldn't have been the same without him. I wish Phil the best for the future and hope that he enjoys his new job as "Head Of Drama" for BBC Manchester. What do you think of this news?
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  1. Bad Wolf PR 2 February 2008 at 16:53
    nice and good luck phil
  2. Gaz 2 February 2008 at 17:01
    It's a shame he's leaving but it's good for him and that's what matters

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