Doctor Who Adventures #51

By Mark
The picture above was made by me.
The 51st issue of Doctor Who Adventures was released on the 14th February and after waiting a few days for the press release about the issue it looks less likely that there will be one so I've decided to summarise the magazine myself. Here is what is inside Doctor Who Adventures issue 51;
  • The Who Book of Records
  • Latest News
  • Tale From The Tardis
  • The Ultimate Guide To Doctor Who Series 1 Part 2
  • Master Minds
  • Joan Redfern and John Smith Information
  • Learn How To Draw A Weeping Angel
  • Posters
  • Comic Strip
  • Competitions
  • The Genesis Ark Factfile
  • Time Agent Upload
  • Time Teasers
  • Who Know

This issue comes free with a Weeping Angel notebook and is on sale now at the price of £2.10. If you want your copy make sure you get it before Thursday which is when issue 52 will hit the shops. Doctor Who Adventures issue 52 comes free with a huge inflatable Dalek.
Will you be buying Doctor Who Adventures #51?
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  1. Bad Wolf 18 February 2008 at 21:22
    awesum the cover looks cool

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