Torchwood "To The Last Man" Synopsis

By Mark
The synopsis for the third episode of Torchwood Series 2 has now been released by the BBC Press Office. The episode, To The Last Man, is going to focus around the character of Toshiko and the synopsis can be read below. Please be aware the synopsis contains some spoilers;
Toshiko falls for a handsome soldier trapped out of his time, who unwittingly holds the key to saving the world, in this week's instalment of the award-winning drama created by Doctor Who writer Russell T Davies.
With an old hospital haunted by ghosts from 1918, a crisis foreseen by Torchwood 90 years ago is about to reach its climax. Time zones are colliding, but, with life-and-death decisions to be made, will Torchwood be able to stop an explosive end for the city of Cardiff?

This episode sounds fantastic and it won't be long till we see it on our screens. To The Last Man airs on BBC2 at 9pm on Wednesday 30th January and is wrote by Helen Raynor and directed by Andy Goddard.
What do you think of the synopsis?
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