Torchwood Series Two Tonight

By Mark
As I’m sure you all already know, Torchwood Series 2 starts tonight at 9pm on BBC2. It’s been a long wait since the end of Series 1 and from what I have seen of the second series so far it looks as if its going to be just as good as Torchwood Series 1 if not better. You can expect action, romance, thrills and shocks over the next thirteen weeks of great television.
In tonight’s episode, “Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang” Captain Jack will return, after leaving the Torchwood team to go travelling with The Doctor, when back on Earth he will encounter someone from his past. A Time Agent, under the name of Captain John Hart. In the starting minutes on tonight’s episode we will see a blowfish driving a sports car and an old woman, crossing the road, shocked and surprised at seeing it.The specially edited pre-watershed version of “Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang” will air next Wednesday at 7pm on BBC2 whereas the original, un-edited version will air tonight at 9pm on BBC2. I can't wait to watch "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang" it looks brilliant.
Will you be watching “Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang” tonight?
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  1. Bad Wolf PR 16 January 2008 at 20:38
    awesome cant wait for this
  2. Collin 16 January 2008 at 23:20
    The new series begins in the states on Jan. 26, so we're not too far behind the UK this time.

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