“Meat”, No Bones Just Dense Flesh

By Mark
Embedded in this post is the trailer for “Meat” which was shown at the end of last night’s fantastic episode of Torchwood, “To The Last Man”. In the trailer we see clips of; Gwen, Rhys, alien meat and a strange creature, you can watch the trailer along with a preview clip for "Meat" below;

The trailer is the video on the left whereas the clip is the video on the right. In other news the BBC Torchwood site has been updated, there are now some behind the scenes video’s for “To The Last Man” which can be found here and one extra picture from “To The Last Man” which you can view here.
What do you think of the videos for “Meat”?
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  1. Bad Wolf PR 31 January 2008 at 20:23
    awesum next weeks ep looks brill

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