Kiss Kiss, Clip Clip

By Mark
The picture above was made by me.
Today, the 7th December, the BBC Torchwood Website has been updated with three new pictures and a long clip from the first episode of Torchwood Series 2 "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang". The clip features a clip of the Blowfish, previously seen in promotional trailers, driving down a street followed by the Torchwood team. After that the scenes are major spoilers so I won't got into detail. You can watch the clip either here or below, please be aware the video contains scenes of a violent nature and major spoilers to the story;

Three pictures of Captain Jack and Captain John kissing have also been added to the site, one of which can be seen above. The other two pictures can be seen here and here. Also the picture above can be used as your wallpaper, you can download it here. You can also view a Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang trailer here.
I think the clip of Torchwood featuring the Blowfish is amazing, it looks like Series 2 is going to be as good as Series 1 if not better. From the pictures, I'd say that it's great to see that there will be more romance in the series.
What do you think of the clip and pictures?
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  1. Collin 7 January 2008 at 23:06
    Yay, Captain Jack!
  2. Anonymous 8 January 2008 at 13:25
    i think the pictures are absolutely disgusting, you see this is why i don't like torchwood it is disgusing to watch grown men kiss.I tell you know i have been coming on this websute for the last 5 months every day and i have thought of it as a good website but any website that encourages grown men to kiss...,well frankly i believe it to be disgusting and as a strong christian i am very against it, it is a disgusting programme with disgusting story lines, i would like you to tell me if this "kiss" will be in the "before watershed" programme because if it is i will be very annoyed and will send a complaint to the BBC,do not delete this because that will show that you are scared of peoples complaint. I hope you reply

  3. Mark 8 January 2008 at 16:38
    Well I think its "Disgusting" how homophobic you are. So what if two men kiss it's up to them. Homophobic is a terrible thing to be so grow up and respect other people for who they are.

    P.S: You said encourage how did i encourage, I'm simply posting news.
  4. Collin 8 January 2008 at 18:55
    If you don't like Doctor Who or Torchwood and don't like the fact that adults can do as they please, go watch Cash in the Attic or How Clean Is Your House. I think Christian fascists are disgusting.
  5. Daniel R. P. 8 January 2008 at 20:16
    Oi anonymous!
    A few words for you.
    Firstly you are disgusting yourself for being homophobic. If he wants to kiss a man. He can kiss a man if he wants!
    And I also agree with Collin that Christian fascists are disgusting.
    The only thing that is bad in the world is RUDENESS!
    Listen to this song.

    (One for all, one for all)
    (It's all it's all for one)
    Let's start a union, calling every human
    It's one for all and all for one
    Let's live in unison, calling every citizen
    It's one for all and all for one

    We don't want war- can't take no more
    It's drastic time for sure
    We need an antidote and a cure
    Coz do you really think Mohammed got a problem with Jehovah
    We don't want war – imagine if any prophet was alive
    In current days amongst you and I
    You think they'd view life like you and I do
    Or would they sit and contemplate on why
    Do we live this way, act and behave this way
    We still live in primitive today
    Coz the peace in the destination of war can't be the way
    There's no way, so people just be a woman, be a man
    Realize that you can't change the world by changing yourself
    And understand that we're all just the same
    So when I count to three let's change


    Got no time for grand philosophy
    I barely keep my head above the tide
    I got this mortgage, got three kids at school
    What you're saying is the truth, but really troubles me inside
    I'd change the world if I could change my mind
    If I could live beyond my fears
    Exchanging unity for all my insecurity
    Exchanging laughter for my tears


    I don't know, y'all, we in a real deposition
    In the midst of all this negative condition
    Divided by beliefs, different sink and religion
    Why do we keep missing the point in our mission?
    Why do we keep killing each other, what's the reason?
    God made us all equal in his vision
    I wish that I could make music as a religion
    Then we could harmonise together in this mission
    Listen, I know it's really hard to make changes
    But two of us could help rearrange this curse
    Utilising all the power in our voices
    Together we will unite and make the right choice
    And fight for education, save the next generation
    Come together as one
    I don't understand why it's never been done
    So let's change on the count of one

    It takes one, just one
    And then one follows the other one
    And then another follows the other one
    Next thing you know you got a billion
    People doing some wonderful things
    People doing some powerful things
    Let's change and do some powerful things
    Unity could be a wonderful thing


    Imagine how much more happier the world would be if people helped this.

    I made my point.
  6. rachael 9 January 2008 at 10:21

    My names R a c h a e l. && i Luv t o r c h w o o d !!!. please come && v i s i t my s i t e

    Cya... Love From R a c h a e l

    P.S. ...xXNgoc is a n00bXx... ...xXAlicia eats pooXx...
  7. Anonymous 11 June 2008 at 13:55
    Who enjoys being hit over the head by the gay agenda? Not me. I watched Torchwood, but I would never buy it because of its gay content. That's not what I'm looking for when I tune in science-fiction. What next? People and animals? Group sex? No phobia here. I understand and disagree. Enough said.

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