WhoSpy: Voyage Of The Damned

By Mark
It is now the third day of advent and there are now only twenty two days till Christmas and till the Voyage Of The Damned airs on our television screens. With it being the 3rd December, you can now open the 3rd door on the BBC Doctor Who Website's Adventure Calendar. WhoSpy have gone behind the scenes of Voyage Of The Damned and have provided us with six new pictures from filming for the advent calendar. Links to the individual pictures from WhoSpy can be found below;

In the first picture we can see something under covers which will probably be kept secret from us until Christmas day. In the third picture we see David Tennant drinking during his break and in the last picture we see Kylie Minogue's leg.
This Doctor Who Adventure calendar is certainly turning out to be a treat, providing us with new exciting features every day.
What do you think of WhoSpy’s behind the scene pictures?
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