A Titanic Of A Trailer

By Mark
The trailer that we have all been waiting to see, a long Voyage Of The Damned trailer, was uploaded last night at 6pm onto the Doctor Who Adventure Calendar and onto the BBC's Youtube account. New clips of The Doctor, Astrid, the Titanic spaceship, the Hosts and Bannakaffalatta all feature in the trailer. You can watch the trailer here or below;

The trailer above is from the BBC's youtube account which you can access here. Voyage of the Damned certainly looks like it is going to go down in the history of BBC's most memorable Christmas episodes. What do you think of the trailer?

Have you ever wanted your very own "Host" Christmas tree decoration? Well now you can make one in an easy step to step guide provided on the BBC Doctor Who Adventure Calendar for day 15, you can find the guide here. There are now only 10 days to go till Christmas and Voyage Of The Damned and you can now view a Christmas banner on the site, a big thanks to Luke for the help on making it.

Have you made a "Host" Christmas tree decoration?
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