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By Mark
The Doctor and Martha will soon feature in a six issued comic book series. Unfortunately fans not in USA will not be able to buy the comics as they are American exclusives, it's a shame as I and I'm sure many other fans really want to buy them. The first issue of the comic is released in January and the second in February, the Doctor Who Comic will be a monthly release. In a recent interview, Gary Russell revealed some more exciting information on the comics;

When Gary was asked if writing for a comic allows your imagination to go wild as there are no special effect budgets, he said;

“A huge space station with a bar full of aliens; a massive skyscraper exploding; a thirty foot tall cat rampaging through 1970s London, knocking buses flying’ entire races of planets disappearing in a flash; People made of sand,” he replied, a yes implied. “I don’t think you could achieve all that on a TV budget very convincingly. The idea is to use the comics to tell stories that TV can’t do. And also to build, to seed themes, concepts and characters that again episodic TV doesn’t always allow for.”

Gary also went on to reveal that a Sycorax Warrior would appear in one of the comics as well as some of the Catkind. When asked about the bad guys in the comics, Gary said;

“There’s a businessman called Wain you’ll see occasionally,” Russell said. “He’s from the far, far future but seems to nip around other times and places via a strange limbo dimension he seems comfortable in. There’s a Pantheon of alien - not gods as such - but big scary guys. There’s a weird scientist whose bitten off more than he can chew. And a couple of aliens from the TV show, including a Sycorax warrior and some Catkind. I like the Catkind. They may crop up more than once.”

You can read the full interview with Gary Russell and Nick Roche here. These novels are certainly going to be exciting, I'm hoping that they will be published at a later date in other areas of the world, for example here in the UK.
Will you be buying these Doctor Who comics?
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