Doctor Who Adventures #45

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The bumper Christmas issue of Doctor Who Adventures will be released this Thursday at the price of £2.99. Featuring interviews with David Tennant and Kylie Minogue, a sneak peak at Voyage Of The Damned and a choice between two covers, this is Doctor Who Adventures' biggest issue so far with a stunning 48 pages. This issue comes free with six amazing gifts; A 2008 Doctor Who Adventures Calendar, A Tardis Keyring, a set of holographic stickers, a Weeping Angel mask, a Dalek Sec Hybrid mask and a doctor who pencil with Toclafane topper. Here is what BBC Magazines have to say;

Doctor Who Adventures – bumper Christmas issue!
In the bumper Christmas issue of Doctor Who Adventures, out Thursday 13th December, actor David Tennant tells us what is was like working with Kylie Minogue:
"It was fantastic! The very prospect of her coming got everyone very twittery. And then she arrived and was refreshingly normal and lovely to have around. She became part of the gang.”
He also talks about monsters in the Doctor Who Christmas episode, Voyage of the Damned.
“It wouldn’t be Doctor Who on Christmas Day if there weren’t some kind of monsters to freak you out! They don’t have a name but they are referred to as the Hosts.”
Issue 45 is our biggest issue ever. There’s 48 pages packed with everything you could possibly want to get you in the mood for Doctor Who this Christmas. Our special collector’s edition gives readers the choice of two different covers – collect both, or choose between either David Tennant as the Doctor or Kylie Minogue as Astrid. Inside we’ve got an exclusive look at the Christmas episode and give readers a checklist for Christmas Day. We also look at the top five reasons we all love Doctor Who specials!

  • Make - Terrifying Toclafane baubles and a Weeping Angel for the top of your Christmas tree!
  • Tales from the TARDIS - Martha leaves the Doctor and a ship crashes into the TARDIS...
    Comic strip Part two of A Klytode Christmas
  • Earth Attacks - A look at some of the best alien invasions!
  • Doctor’s Data - All about the Empress of the Racnoss
  • Scares of the Year - A look at readers’ top frights!
  • Posters - Four exclusive posters of Voyage of the Damned, the Doctor, the Daleks and the Master
  • Win Loads of great prizes – including over £1000 of Doctor Who goodies
  • Puzzles - Translate a Sycorax puzzle and can you help Jackie Tyler with her Christmas quiz?
The magazine comes with six gifts: a fantastic TARDIS key ring, a set of holographic stickers, a Weeping Angel and Dalek Sec Hybrid mask, a pencil and Toclafane topper and a brilliant Doctor Who Adventures 2008 calendar. Phew! There’s also some very exciting news about Doctor Who Adventures in 2008... DWA Issue #45, priced £2.99, is out on Thursday 13th December.

The Doctor Who Adventures Christmas issue looks great and I will definitely be buying two copies of the issue, one with The Doctor on the front and one with Astrid on the front. Also don't forget that Doctor Who Adventures issue 44 is only on sale for a week so if you haven't bought your copy yet make sure you buy it before Thursday. In other Doctor Who news you can now open door number 11 on the Doctor Who Adventure Calendar. Behind the door is an in vision commentary for "Gridlock" which you can watch here.
Will you be buying Doctor Who Adventures # 35?
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