Voyage Of The Damned Trailer - 6pm Tonight

By Mark
A full Voyage Of The Damned trailer will air tonight, the trailer will be available on the BBC Doctor Who Adventure Calendar (For day 14) and on the BBC Youtube page. The trailer will be uploaded at 6pm and I will make sure to post the trailer and screencaps of the trailer when available. It will be a full trailer, consisting only of clips of "Voyage Of The Damned" and will be longer than the ten second teaser seen previously. Whether or not the trailer will appear on BBC1 and BBC2 at 6pm is unknown at the moment but I will be watching out for it. On the subject of Voyage Of The Damned trailers, various sources have reported that a full trailer is also airing in cinemas across the country at the moment.
Update: The trailer has now been uploaded and it's the trailer which is being shown in cinemas at the moment. It's a really exciting trailer and Voyage Of The Damned looks great, you can watch the trailer here. What do you think of the Voyage Of The Damned trailer?
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  1. ayre123 14 December 2007 at 22:53
    the trailer's amazing!

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