X-amining Kylie Doctor Who Audio Clip

By Mark
Last night on X-amining Kylie, there was an audio sneak peak of the Voyage Of The Damned. About 46 minutes into the show a clip of dialogue between The Doctor and Astrid played on the radio. Luckily for all fans who missed it , you can listen again to X-amining Kylie for the next seven days here. Here is the dialogue from the clip;

The Doctor: There we go.
Astrid: Thank you sir, I can manage.
The Doctor: I never said you couldn't, I'm The Doctor by the way.
Astrid: Astrid, sir, Astrid Perth.
The Doctor: Nice to meet you Astrid, Merry Christmas.
Astrid: Merry Christmas sir.
The Doctor: Just Doctor, not sir.
Astrid: You enjoying the cruise?
The Doctor: Erm .. yeah, I suppose, I don't know, it doesn't quite work, a cruise on your own.
Astrid: You're not with anyone?
The Doctor: No, no, just me , just err used to be but no.
Astrid: So you travel a lot?
The Doctor: All the time, just for fun, well that's the plan it never quite works.
Astrid: I see your rich though.
The Doctor: Haven't got a penny. (Whispers) The Stowaway.

They are what I have noted the words down as from listening carefully so some words may not be exact. X-amining Kylie was a great show and it seemed like David and Kylie had fun recording it. At the end of the show David said that the show would be back after Voyage Of The Damned where they would re-examine Kylie.
Did you enjoy X-amining Kylie?
What do you think of the Doctor Who audio clip?
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  1. cloak 28 November 2007 at 18:05
    Cool post bob.

    i aint guna watch it though, i didn't even see timeclash!
  2. cpotey 30 November 2007 at 18:26
    its peth!

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