Sarah Jane Adventures Merchandise Update

By Mark
Sarah Jane Adventures posters, books and toys are now materialising in shops near you. To start with there is now a Sarah Jane Adventures poster out at the price of £3.99, you can see a picture of the Sarah Jane Adventures poster above. It's a poster of the Sarah Jane Adventures team with the quote "Life on Earth can be an adventure too" underneath them. This is the first ever Sarah Jane Adventures poster to be released.

Also a few covers have been revealed of the Sarah Jane Adventures books, these books co-incide with the episodes aired on tv. Books for Invasion Of The Bane, Revenge Of The Slitheen, Eye Of The Gorgon and Warriors Of The Kudlak were released on the 1st November. You can see the covers for the Invasion Of The Bane, Eye Of The Gorgon and Warriors Of The Kudlak novels above. Here is the synopsis for the Sarah Jane Adventures books;
Join Sarah Jane on an exciting adventure investigating mysterious happenings with the help of Maria, Luke, Clyde and of course 'Mr Smith'. Based on an episode of "Sarah Jane Adventures", this fantastic novel has colour inserts showing scenes from the BBC series. Life on Earth can be an adventure too!
The audiobooks "The Thirteenth Stone" and "The Glittering Storm" are also available in shops now.

Finally the new Sarah Jane Adventures toys seem to be in shops now. On ebay there is an image of the Sonic Lipstick and Watch Scanner in its packaging, the image can be seen above. Thanks to kazzajord off ebay for the image.

Will you be buying any of these products? They will make great Christmas presents for fans of the show.
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