Sarah Jane Adventures 1/10/07 Ratings

By Mark
Last Monday's ratings for Sarah Jane Adventures have now been announced and it managed maintain its great viewing figures. So here they are the Sarah Jane Adventures ratings for the 1st October 2007;

Revenge Of The Slitheen Part 2 when shown on BBC1 was viewed by 1.3 million people, a 10% share of the audience. This received a little less viewers than last weeks BBC1 Sarah Jane Adventures this is probably because people had already seen it on the CBBC Channel.

Eye Of The Gorgon Part 1, shown on the CBBC Channel was viewed by 0.2 million people with a 12% share of the audience. Eye Of The Gorgon Part 1 will be shown on BBC1 and Eye Of The Gorgon Part 2 on the CBBC Channel this Monday.

I'm glad to see Sarah Jane Adventures is getting good viewing figures, the figures may seem low because of the time the show is aired and the fact it it aimed for kids to watch. However all ages do watch it and personally I don't think it's childish.
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  1. Alice 5 October 2007 at 16:22
    personally i love the Sarah Jane adventures. I don't thik its childish, but i do think little kids might enjoy it more than dr who...i dunno.

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