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By Mark
Seeing as there are 3 exciting pieces of news on Doctor Who today including the Torchwood news I posted earlier today. I have decided to post all the Doctor Who news from today in this post so no one misses out on them if they were in separate posts. So let’s start with some Doctor Who series four casting news;

Sarah Lanchashire, Miss Foster
Sarah Lancashire has joined the list of actors and actresses set to appear in Doctor Who Series 4. Sarah will play a character called Miss Foster, a powerful business woman. Miss Foster will be in episode one of Doctor Who Series 4 which is written by Russell T Davies.
“I’m absolutely thrilled to be in Doctor Who, It’s a brilliant episode and I’m looking forward to taking the Time Lord on” said Sarah.
It seems that Miss Foster will be the enemy with the quote “I’m looking forward to taking the Time Lord on” and the fact that she is a powerful business woman.
What do you think?

Doctor Who Series Three Soundtrack Track List
The track list has now been revealed by Silva Screen, we now know the names of the incidental scores which will feature on the Doctor Who Series Three Soundtrack which is out 5th November 2007. Here are the tracks which will feature on the CD;

1. All the Strange Strange Creatures
2. Marthas Theme
3. Drowning Dry
4. The Carrionites Swarm
5. Gridlocked Cassinis
6. Boe
7. Evolution of the Daleks
8. My Angel put the Devil in Me
9. Mr Smith and Joan
10. Only Martha Knows
11. Smiths Choice
12. Just Scarecrows to War
13. Miss Joan Redfern
14. The Dream of a Normal Death
15. The Doctor Forever
16. Blink
17. The Runaway Bride
18. After the Chase
19. The Futurekind
20. The Master Vainglorious
21. Marthas Quest
22. YANA (Excerpt)
23. This is Gallifrey: Our Childhood, Our Home
24. Martha Triumphant
25. Donnas Theme
26. The Stowaway
27. The Master Tape
28. Abide With Me

There are 28 tracks in total on the CD and the soundtrack is going to be great. Last year’s Doctor Who Soundtrack featured 31 tracks. Which do you think will be your favourite track on the new CD?

Doctor Who Adventures # 40
The new issue of Doctor Who Adventures was released today and its issue number 40. It’s on sale in all good newsagents now at the price of £2.10 with a free gift, the gift being Dalek Slime and a mutant brain. Here is some more information, from BBC Magazines, on this issue;

The Slitheen are a ruthless alien family that have menaced the Doctor and, more recently, Sarah Jane Smith and her friends.
In the new issue of Doctor Who Adventures, out tomorrow, you can find out more about the creatures from a planet with an long name.
You’ll also find all the latest news about the next series of Doctor Who and the best posters ever!
Also in the issue;
  • Tales from the TARDISYana’s watch opens and he becomes the Master! Oh no!
  • Adventure guide / Doctor Who Confidential extra – the Doctor and Martha are trapped in the past and it’s up to Sally Sparrow to rescue them in Blink.
  • Comic strip – part one of Cold War. The TARDIS materialises on a freezing cold planet and Martha lands herself in trouble almost immediately.
  • Doctor’s Data – read about the biggest Dalek of them all, the Dalek Emperor!
  • Who knows? – all your Doctor Who questions answered.
  • Posters – four fantastic exclusive posters of the Judoon, the Slitheen, the Cyber Controller and the Weeping Angels.
  • Master minds – take the Dalek quiz!
  • Monster mask – make a Malmooth mask.
  • Win – goodies up for grabs!
  • Puzzles – Doctor Who teasers and Bloodtide and Doomfinger’s Woven Word Search.

This issue comes with our yuckiest gift yet – Dalek slime and mutant brain. Eurgh! Doctor Who Adventures issue 40, priced £2.10, is out on Thursday 11 September. Any Daleks in hiding should stay away.

It’s great news on Sarah Lancashire joining the cast of Doctor Who Series 4. I love the soundtrack track list, I can’t wait for it to come out. Doctor Who Adventures Issue 40 is a great read, I got my copy today.
What are your opinions on the news in this post?
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  1. a64 12 October 2007 at 17:42
    The CD:

    Track 1 is the trailer music (the website said so)
    The Yana Track is when he opens the watch, I guess.
    The EotD track I hope is the new Dalek music :D:D

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