Billie Piper To Be Back In Doctor Who?

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According to Sundays edition of News Of The World, Billie Piper has been offered £20,000 to return for 3 episodes of Doctor Who, these three episodes will apparently be the episodes for the Doctor Who Series 4 Finale. As this hasn't been confirmed by the BBC, we can not say this will definitely happen.
Here is what have to say;

Billie Piper has reportedly been offered £20,000 to return to 'Doctor Who'.
The actress, who played assistant Rose Tyler in the hit sci-fi drama, is in talks with producers to star in three episodes as part of next year's series finale. The 25-year-old star has already discussed scripts and plotlines in a string of secret meetings with show creator Russell T Davies and leading actor David Tennant.
A source told Britain's News of the World newspaper:
"Billie was a huge hit and bosses know her comeback would thrill audiences."
Insiders claim the storyline will centre around Rose's quest to track down the doctor in a bid to save planet Earth, which the time lord's past actions have affected. Rose left in the 2006 summer finale after sharing a kiss with the doctor, who then left her on a parallel Earth after defeating the Daleks.
A show source added:
"We are all very excited that Billie is in course to come back. We're very close to getting her to sign."

Until an official confirmation by the BBC that Rose will return, this is classified as a rumour. Also if this rumour turns out to be true it does say the show source said "We're very close to getting her to sign", not that she has signed.
So according to the News Of The World, Billie Piper will be back as Rose Tyler in the Doctor Who Series 4 finale if she accepts the offer. What are your views on this?
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