Who Won? Which Series 2 Creature/Villain?

By Mark
For the last week there has been a poll on the sidebar of the site.
The Question was “Which Is Your Favourite Series 2 Creature/Villain”
The Options you could choose from were;

Sycorax Leader
Sisters Of Plenitude
Clockwork Droids
Cyber Controller
The Wire
The Ood
The Beast
The Abzorbaloff
The Hoix
Cyber Leader
The Cult Of Skaro

In first place came The Ood with a massive 37% of the vote, 28 votes out of 74. The Cult Of Skaro came in second place with 25% of the vote, 19 votes. The Devil like Beast came in third place with 6% of the vote, 5 votes. The Werewolf, The Clockwork Droids, The Cybermen and The Wire all came in fourth place with 4% of the vote each, 3 votes each. All coming in fifth place with 2% of the vote each, 2 votes each were; The Krillitanes, The Cyber Controller, The Abzorbaloff and The Hoix. The Sycorax and the Cyber Leader both received one vote each, 1% of the vote each therefore coming in sixth place. The Sycorax Leader, Cassandra, Sisters Of Plenitude, Isolus and Ghosts all received no votes.
Here is the Poll Results picture for proof;
I would like to thank everyone who voted, 74 votes were cast, the most votes cast on a poll on my site ever. A New poll will be added soon to the sidebar for you to cast your votes. The poll will be a weekly instalment.
While on the topic of the sidebar I would like to thank Rob from Life On Mars.tv, Ashes To Ashes.tv and many more sites which can be found here for the latest page element on the sidebar. He made this for me which is a recent posts section. Thanks again Rob, much appreciated. I highly recommend a visit to Rob’s great sites.
Both pictures in this post were made by me.
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