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By Mark
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I thoroughly enjoyed both Part 1 and 2 of "Revenge Of The Slitheen" tonight. The Mini/Baby Slitheen was what I have to say one of my favourite aliens in Doctor Who and its spin-offs so far. In this post I am basically going to explain how this site is going to work, how its going to deal with the fact of episodes being shown a week early on CBBC. Seeing as not everyone has the CBBCchannel, I am only going to review the episodes after they have being broadcast on BBC1. Therefore leaving the site spoiler-free for non CBBC channel viewers.
The way the reviews are going to work is in the same way as the Doctor Who Episode Reviews. Expect an "Invasion Of The Bane" and "Revenge of the Slitheen" Part 1 episode guide sometime soon.

What did you think of "Revenge Of The Slitheen"?
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